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Wine is our passion!

Of course, as wine lovers (Picture: Benno Stäheli (l) and Francesco Becci (r)), we know that die temperature  the fine wine plays a decisive role. Especially on a wonderful summer's day, this can quickly become a challenge with champagne, prosecco or white wine if you don't want to wrap the bottles in ugly cases or keep putting them back in the fridge.

This consideration resulted in Vinichill, the elegant wine cooler for special occasions when wines should be presented and served in style. We were inspired by numerous trips to Italy. There you can often see disused wine boxes as useful accessories in restaurants. The idea of lining them with metal to make them waterproof was quickly implemented and tested. 

This gives old wine crates a second, stylish life. A sustainable solution for a premium wood product.



because it makes sense

We give old wine boxes a second, stylish life. A sustainable solution for a premium and valuable wood product.

Wine boxes made of wood are still lovingly designed by many wine producers. Names, logos or images are burned in and give the boxes an elegant look. Of course, it depends on the content, but the exterior should already point out the noble wines in a stylish way.

We look for the wooden wine boxes that are no longer needed in countless places and use them for our products. Or our customers send us an empty crate from their favorite winery and we transform it into an elegant, unique and very personal wine cooler.


for a safe environment

For the wooden legs we only use spruce or fir wood originated in Switzerland (FSC-Standard).

Stain: GoldenOil, a hard wax oil, which can be used for a wide range of applications. It’s been produced by using only natural oils and different waxes. It's free of cobalt drying agents, contains 0% VOC and no harmful substances. It can be used harmlessly to protect wood against water and household chemicals. Origin: EU

The cooling box is made of aluminium and is hand-made welded; made in Switzerland.

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